Naming convention

GA Event tracking

In order to maintain consistency of events names in Google Analytics throughout all landing pages of BNP P RE, this document defines the hierarchy and structure for events labels to be followed by all who wish to create an event tracking in the WordPress “Landings Network”.

Each event that you wish to track must be defined in the WordPress back-office:

  • In Settings / Gravitate Event Tracking :

  • To start tracking a new event you must create a « Custom Event »
  • Fill in the required fields

Error messages in contact form

Category : Form errors

Action : [form type] Ex : generic, devis, rendez-vous

Label : error_[field name]

Ex: to find stats on errors in the field « email » on all generic contact forms for a given domain:

  • Go to category “Form errors”
  • Go to action “generic”
  • Go to label “error_email”

Call To Action buttons

Every single CTA is tracked on the landing pages.

Category: CTA

Action: banner, download, read-more, external-link, contact

Label: CTA_[component type]_[component title or excerpt]

Label for download CTA: Download_[file-name]

Ex : for a CTA “Read more” in an « argument » type component, with a title :

  • Go to category « CTA »
  • Go to action « Read more »
  • Go to label « CTA_argument_qui-est-concerne »

Ex : for a “Read more” CTA in a « text_block » type component, with no title :

  • Go to category « CTA »
  • Go to action « Read more »
  • Go to label « CTA_text-block_qui-est-concerne »

Ex : for a “download” CTA :

  • Go to category “CTA”
  • Go to action “Download”
  • Go label: “Download_blabla-brochure.pdf”

Ex : for a “banner” CTA (CTA at the top of the page on the banner) :

  • Go to category “CTA”
  • Go to action “Banner”
  • Go to label « CTA_Banner_obtenez-de-devis »

Go label: “Download_blabla-brochure.pdf


Category: Video

Label: Play, Stop

Ex: Video_play_video-name


Category: Menu

Action: main_menu, footer_menu

Label: menu_[menu item name]

Ex label: menu_audit-energetique-obligatoire

Contact form submissions

Category: Form submissions

Action: generic, specific

Label: submit_form_[contact form id]

GA eCommerce tag

Each form submission sends a GA eCommerce tag in form of :

wp_<siteID>_<formId>_<submitDate>_<4 letters hash>


  • <siteId>: ID of the site
  • <formId>: ID of the form
  • <submitDate>: submitted date with the format YYY-MM-DD_HHmmss
  • <4 letters hash>: 4 random letters